Does Tree Removal Service in Florida Increase Property Value?

Tree removal is a service that can be highly controversial if we’re talking about property value, but this is because many factors go into what increases or decreases property value. There are a lot of benefits to tree removal and increasing your home value is one of them, however, this is very circumstantial. Let’s go over if tree removal increases property value and how you can make a decision on whether you need tree removal service in Florida or not. 

Does Tree Removal Increase Property Value?

In a nutshell, tree removal can indeed increase property value, but it can also hurt property value if not done correctly. It’s quite circumstantial because there is a need and a love for trees on the home’s property especially when it comes to home value. With That being said, it’s important to remember the difference between removing a dead, dying, or unsafe tree and then removing a perfectly healthy and beautiful tree. For further resources about how to tell if your tree is healthy or dying, please consult our website at

Removing diseased and dying trees or trees that need removal due to obstruction will benefit your property value. Leaving these types of trees on your property can decrease your aesthetic appeal and overall drop your property value just because of that. On the other hand, having lively and beautiful trees on your property will have the opposite effect and it will boost your curb appeal and property value. 

So, as long as you’re removing trees that need to be removed to maintain your property aesthetics and keeping trees that your property will benefit from can help increase your property value. 

How Much Value Does A Tree Add To Your Home?

Trees can add value to your home if they are mature and taken care of because they add a unique feel to a home and typically buyers love this. Having a well-landscaped yard with trees that are beneficial, beautiful, and mature can increase your home value up to 20 percent. This value does change based on your area, what type of tree, and overall how your landscape looks in your home. However, it’s safe to say that both buyers and sellers love a good landscape that’s been maintained. 

Should I Remove Trees On My Property?

If you’re unsure about which trees to remove from your home or if there are any that need to be removed then we’ve got the answers for you. Deciding which trees to remove and which to keep is based solely on the value that the tree brings to your home or takes from your home. Here are a few things to look out for which can indicate that you may want to remove that particular tree: 

  • If the tree is 100% dead
  • If your tree is too close to your property (within 15 feet)
  • If your tree is unkept 
  • If your tree poses some sort of risk

Remember that you can always contact a company for tree removal service in Florida to get an expert opinion on which trees should be removed. 

Once you’ve considered these factors, then we can talk about which trees are best to be left on your property and which trees can be removed. It’s best to remove any trees that pose a risk or that have a high chance of getting a disease. The best trees to leave on your property are any trees that are disease-resistant, long lasting, and overall have a good track record of causing minimal problems. 

Some types of trees that can be kept on your property to boost home value are: 

  • Northern Red Oak Trees
  • Sugar Maple Tree
  • ConColor Fir Tree 
  • Bigleaf Magnolia

How Can I Increase My Property Value Using Trees?

If your main goal is to increase your property value using trees then you should consider every factor discussed above. Contacting a tree removal service in Florida can help you get an expert to inspect your home’s trees to decide which ones are best left how they are and which ones are best removed. 

Removing trees that pose a risk, that is dead or dying, and that is diseased will help to increase your home value. These trees can bring your curb appeal far down and they can turn people away from buying from you. A few reasons this is the case is because buyers want a home with a landscape that has been maintained, plus homebuyers do not want the burden of removing trees that need to be removed after they’ve purchased the property. 

Increasing your property value with trees is doable as long as you have trees that are well maintained and don’t pose any risk with their existence. There are a few types of trees that will increase home value simply by being the type of tree they are. These include maple trees, citrus trees, magnolias, and crepe myrtle trees. These trees are beautiful, easy to maintain, and they typically add value to your landscape. 


Overall, tree removal services in Florida can both increase or decrease property value. Remember that any mature trees, well taken care of, and pose no risk can be left on your property to maintain or increase home value. Trees that pose a risk, are dead/dying, or diseased should be removed as they can decrease property value. 

Whether or not a tree increases or decreases property value is mainly based on its health. If the tree seems to need maintenance, trimming, removal, or some other type of tree service then this is more likely to decrease home value. On the other hand, having healthy trees on your property is sure to get the attention of buyers. 

If you’re looking to get any type of tree removal service in Florida then you should contact your local tree removal company. This company can help to inspect your trees to determine if removal is necessary and they can help with tree trimming or tree removal.

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